ISIAN & IRS 2024


Dear Distinguished Guests and Friends,

We are thrilled to announce that the 42nd ISIAN and the 24th IRS will be held in Tokyo from April 4 to 6, 2024. It is a great pleasure and honor for me and The Jikei University as well as the Japanese Rhinologic Society to co-host these two traditional respected conferences.

I welcome you all to come and visit Tokyo to join the conference and enjoy touring the city. We are excited to see you in person! We have overcome the challenging times in the past few years and I believe it is now time to get together and enjoy academic discussions and delightful conversations over nice food and drinks!

ISIAN was founded by the late Professor Ryo Takahashi, the third former professor of the Jikei University, and the first meeting was held in Tokyo in 1976. However, as a historical fact, the first meeting of IRS was organized by the late Professor Teruo Takasu in Kyoto, Japan in 1965. Therefore, both of these societies should be very familiar to all the members of the Japanese Rhinologic Society.

In September 2011, my mentor, Professor Hiroshi Moriyama organized the IRS-ISIAN in Tokyo. Six months before that, which was in March of that year, Japan was hit by a major earthquake and Tsunamis, which unfortunately led to multiple nuclear power plant accidents, causing tremendous damage. In spite of these circumstances, a lot of members kindly and bravely still attended the conference. We will never forget and always appreciate all the encouragement and support we received from everyone.

Therefore, we are honored to have this opportunity again and will do our best to make the 2024 conference as interesting and meaningful as possible for the rhinologists joining from all over the world.

The host city, Tokyo, is the capital of Japan and has two international airports; Narita and Haneda, making it possible for members from many countries around the world to conveniently come to Japan by direct flights. The venue, Keio Plaza Hotel, is located in Shinjuku, the sub-center of Tokyo, in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. With a great number of accommodations, restaurants, department stores, and entertainment facilities nearby, it is not only convenient, but also the perfect environment for having a good time. Of course, the security and cleanliness of the city is world-class, so that your stay will be safe and secure.

The conference will feature symposiums, panel discussions, and instructional courses, as well as oral and poster presentations to discuss the latest basic research and clinical practices in a wide range of areas from rhinosinusitis, allergies, oncology, skull base and plastic surgery, etc. 

We will also have many hands-on seminars and live surgeries available as a major advantage for those who can visit on-site. This will include both hands-on basic research using actual laboratory equipment and analyzers, as well as hands-on ESS techniques using actual surgical equipment utilizing highly realistic models. 

Before and after the conference, we will also arrange a tour of the Jikei University Hospital and Live surgeries for those who wish to participate. We are working very hard to provide everything for you, especially for young doctors who endeavor to be the hope of rhinology in the future.

We look forward to seeing you all in Tokyo in April 2024!

Nobuyoshi Otori

Congress President of the 42nd ISIAN and the 24th IRS